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Mission Statement

High Quality Hair Salon in Kingswood, Adelaide

In Awe Salon Kingswood, Adelaide is a place for clients and staff to come and be themselves.

It is a negativity free zone where you can come and forget all of your worries for as long as you’re in the salon chair!

As the owner of the business it’s important for me to explain the love and thanks that I give to all clients of In Awe Salon Adelaide.

Best Hair Salon Adelaide

Best Hair Salon Belair, Adelaide

The name comes from the fact that I am in awe of the loyalty, love, consideration and support that my many clients have given me over the years, for without them I wouldn’t be able to do what I love every day.No matter what is happening in my life I know that I can come to work every day and be surrounded by friends.

​Hair Salon in Adelaide

​Hair Salon in Adelaide

The clients at In Awe Salon Kingswood, Adelaide are not just people that sit in our hair salon chairs; they are much loved friends and supporters of this business and our careers.

Our days are about them and their needs and in return they fulfill our needs as creative and passionate stylists.

In Awe Salon Adelaide can only be as high quality as the people that choose to work in it, so I will always strive to help all staff become the kind of hairdresser salon that they wish to be by providing them with education, courage, and strength in their pursuits.

X Megan

Best Hair Salon Adelaide

Best Hair Salon Adelaide

In Awe Salon is a Be lair, Adelaide hairdresser salon, born with the idea to fill a gap in the field of hairdressing, where after conducting market and customer needs when they come to receive these best services, we have reached the conclusion that the traditional hairdressing salons, are not ready for children and youth, as the facilities do not have anything for them to be comfortable.

In addition, we have also thought of the elderly, who are an important part, since in our room, they find facilities and services tailored for them perfectly and everything is done comprehensively, where comfort is the most important.

In Awe Salon, you can say, a management model, designed and adapted to the times we live in tight to reality prices, go to the hairdresser, and does not have to be expensive, all without losing in quality and services, using products that differentiate us from the competition.

In Awe Salon was created to give the best beauty and hairdressing services with the latest technology, a good price and also provide the best possible customer service from entering to exiting.